Public body modification can force you to trade one life for another - it’s very rare to be able to have it all (but it can happen with effort). Looking like yourself will force you to work much, much harder than people who all look the same. Being free requires a lot more work than being a slave. Running your own business is more effort than working for someone else. Being an actor is more difficult than watching a movie. Cooking a meal is more difficult than buying a cheeseburger at a fast food joint… but, there are still people left in this world who believe that sometimes the difficult - but free - path is the more rewarding. The fundamental question in becoming publicly modified is a question of finding a balance between how free you want to be and how hard you want to work. The more free you are, the more responsibility you have to take for yourself. The more you blend back into the crowd, the less freedom you have, but the ‘easier’ your life gets. But is it really your life if you’re not controlling it?
Shannon Larratt, 1973 - 2013 (via themodifiedbody)


I need winter I am too goth for this



stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love

This is the most important thing I have ever read.

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Fate fell short this time your smile fades in the summer
Place your hand in mine I’ll leave when I wanna

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I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.
Audrey Hepburn (via thebubblysinger)

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The song Behati sang for Adam at the wedding: "The blushing bride sang too, crooning "Bright Eyes" for him. When they first met, Prinsloo told him that it was a song she wanted to sing if ever she got married. "So it was kind of a bet between them," a source said. "He introduced her and she sang it. She had a beautiful voice."" [x]

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And I know you have a heavy heart; I can feel it when we kiss. (…) If you promise to stay conscious I will try and do the same. We might die from medication, but we sure killed all the pain.